Vitamin C is found in plenty in these things, intake daily to increase immunity


To increase immunity, things rich in vitamin C should be consumed. In the Corona era, people are consuming many kinds of things to increase immunity. You can also take plenty of vitamin C to increase immunity. Today, through this article, we will tell you about those things in which vitamin C is found in plenty. Consuming these things is very beneficial for health.


Amla has a lot of vitamin C. To strengthen the immune system, consume amla. Amla is very beneficial for health. You can consume amla daily.


Orange should be consumed to increase immunity. Orange is rich in vitamin C. Orange also has high fiber content which helps in maintaining a healthy body.


Vitamin C is found in plenty of grapes. To increase immunity during the corona period, include grapes in the diet. Consuming grapes daily is very beneficial for health. Consuming grapes can be safe from many diseases.

Raw banana

Vitamin C is found in plenty of raw bananas. To remove vitamin C deficiency in the body, eat a raw banana. Consuming raw banana daily strengthens the immune system.

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