Virtual Meet-ups: Virtual wedding is not virtual meeting is today's new reality


Virtual weddings made headlines as soon as lockdown due to coronavirus. In a recent survey conducted by, a leading matrimony site, it has been found that virtual weddings are being adopted only as a tune as Indians are now looking at easing the rules and customs of marriage. I am moving forward. The survey found that 89% of people are not in support of virtual marriage. The common feeling among young Indians across the country is that they want to marry traditionally with limited guests during the epidemic. Therefore, it can be said that despite online weddings, the shine of Indian weddings is still intact.

Most Indians (58%) are likely to choose the option of weddings with 50 guests, with many (21%) postponing their marriage until the situation returns to normal. The rest is also equal to the number of people who want to organize a grand wedding with security measures by adopting a completely virtual platform.

Changing preferences

The epidemic has affected the preferences of young Indians when it comes to organizing Indian marriages. Safety and hygiene have replaced the long list of guests, food, decorations, clothes and other entertainment. 52% chose proper sanitation, followed by the presence of loved ones (18%) and memorable photographs (11%) as the priority. A grand wedding wishes like a fairy tale has gone down somewhere in the list. The survey also shows a gender perspective in which women (71%) are more serious about security protocols than men (51%). Besides, a substantial number of people (82%) admitted that shortening of the list of guests and having weddings at home were undoubtedly proving to be economical.

The virtual meeting instead of a virtual wedding

This time of physical distance has prompted more and more Indians to go ahead and adopt the possibility of a virtual coffee date. The survey found that men and women preferred to resort to virtual meetings to find their spouse. Overall, three-quarters of people agreed that virtual meetings are better nowadays than face-to-face meetings to get to know each other. However, to finalize the decision of marriage, it is necessary that at least one meeting is held face to face.

44% believed that in-person meetings are necessary before the final decision. However, there are 32% of people who have not hesitated to say yes to marriage based on the virtual meeting. Under the gender lens, it is more comfortable for Indian men to decide their life partner through virtual meetings than women. Whereas Indian women say that they must meet face to face before saying yes to marriage.

Rohan Mathur, business head of, said, "Virtual weddings are still a distant reality for Indian weddings. Even those who are getting in touch through video calls to decide their life partner, Prioritize an in-person meeting before making a final decision. It is heartening to see how the facility of video calling is replacing the initial stages of in-person meetings between boys and girls and their families. "