Viral: When the mail for the opening of the office comes, the girl made a video and said It has become a habit to live in pajamas


Following the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic, companies around the world are getting employees from work to home. Even after the lockdown was lifted, many companies kept the work-from-home trend, while some companies are now calling employees back to the office. Meanwhile, a female employee has expressed the grief of opening an office by sharing videos on social media, which is becoming quite viral.

Actually, a girl named Harjas Sethi posted a funny video last week, in which she said that her company has sent a mail to all the employees to come and work in the office. He said, "My soul is shivering after seeing the mail."

The woman said in the video that I want to ask them why do they have to do this? Everyone's life is going well. Revenue is increasing. Money is being saved. Why are poor people kicking on the stomach of the poor?

He further said that my dark circles have just gone. There were some bright moments in my life. Now you are doing this. I have packed all my clothes and now I am used to living life in pajamas (pajamas). If the lion has got blood in his mouth, then it will not be possible. Those who are saying that we are missing the office a lot, make that idiot somebody else. '

At the end of the video, the girl has requested her boss not to remove her from the job if she is watching this video. Let me tell you after the video of Harjas Sethi living in Gurugram went viral on Instagram, he has got more than five thousand followers.

The office and public transport were closed due to the lockdown. In such a situation, for about a year, millions of professionals were working in the office by staying at their homes. On the one hand, the trend of work from home has made life easier for people and on the other hand, they have also freed them from traveling expenses.

However, after the reduction in the rate of corona infection and vaccine formation, many offices are reopening and companies are sending their employees to come and work in the office. Many employees are not happy with this.