VASTU TIPS: You will take care of these small things of Vastu, then you will always be saved from troubles


Vastu Shastra is one such ancient genre, which mainly deals with energies. Vastu Shastra lays emphasis on increasing positive energy by eliminating negative energy. When negative energy flows in the house, a person may face both family and financial problems. In Vastu, there are many useful things that can be avoided, if taken care of, many problems of life can be avoided. So let's know about this

Due to the negativity in the house, the trouble starts to increase. If you feel that the negativity has increased in the house, then add a little salt in water and wipe every day, but keep in mind that do not add salt in Thursday water.

If there is a problem with money in the house, take a glass bottle and fill it with salt. This gradually improves your financial condition.

Tijori or a wealthy place has been considered as the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, keep in mind that there should not be garbage in the vicinity of the place of wealth, nor should you have spider webs. One should never keep a broom near the vault.

The house of worship should not be built in the bedroom, this creates a situation of discord in the house. If there is no space, then make a small temple such that it is not directly near or in front of your bed.

Always close the faucet in the house tightly. If water drips from the tap, get it corrected immediately. It is said that excess water flows incur unnecessary expenses.

Tulsi plants must be planted at home and should be properly looked after. This leads to positivity and prosperity in the home.

In today's time, bathrooms and toilets are built in one place. According to Vastu, it is not considered right. If you have bathrooms and toilets made together in this way in your house, then it should always be kept closed.

Thorny or weaning plants should not be planted in the house. These increase negativity.

According to Vastu, the mirror should never be placed directly in front of or behind the bed in the bedroom.