Vastu Tips: Want to have money in the house, only money, Put this thing in a bowl and keep it in the corner of the house


We all want to get wealth and prosperity in our life. But sometimes due to circumstances, we do not get anything except troubles. But some astrological remedies can help you in this. Today we are going to tell you about such an astrological remedy by which you can easily attract money.

For this, take some coarse salt in a glass vessel or bowl and keep four to five cloves in that bowl along with salt. You can keep this bowl in any corner of the house. By doing this remedy, money will start coming and happiness and prosperity will remain in the house.

By keeping salt in a glass vessel, where there will be a lack of money in the house, on the other hand, a different smell will come in the whole house, and happiness and peace will remain in the house.

Apart from this, if there is any Vastu defect related to the bathroom, then take crystal salt in the bowl and keep it in such a place in the bathroom where no one can touch it and keep changing the salt from the bowl in a few days. This Vastu defect will end immediately.