Vastu Tips: These Vaastu remedies will remove home trouble, happiness and peace will remain


Vastu Shastra provides easy steps to overcome home trouble. By adopting these measures, you can resolve your home dispute. These Vastu remedies will increase the happiness and peace of your home. Come, let us know what measures have been given in Vastu Shastra to overcome home trouble.

Do not put pictures of gods and goddesses

According to astrology, the picture of deities should never be put face to face in the house. This increases home distress. Along with this, there should not be a fight of more than one deity in the house so that there is no fight in the house.

Do not put such a picture at home

According to Vastu Science, pictures of Ramayana, Mahabharata, war, and owl, etc. should not be installed at home. Such pictures give rise to controversy in the house, which leads to home trouble.

Avoid putting such pictures

According to Vastu, pictures of wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, etc. should not be forgotten in the house. Such pictures in the house give rise to home trouble which leads to controversy in the house.

Do not put Radha-Krishna's picture in the bedroom

If you are in married life, then you should not put Radha-Krishna's picture in the bedroom. This picture evokes sourness in married life. Where there is a Vaastu dosha in the house, make vermilion by mixing vermilion in ghee.

Scattered shoes, slippers, and clothes at home

Throwing clothes and shoes in the house after use is also considered inauspicious in Vastu. Keeping the wardrobe of shoes and clothes always hidden and scattered is a waste of money. There are also ups and downs in a career.

Defective electrical equipment

Lack of lighting in every corner of the house or fuse bulb is also considered inauspicious. Do not allow electrical appliances to be kept indoors. Get them fixed or put out of the house. Poor electrical equipment can cause unnecessary stress and this worsens the condition of children in the household.