VASTU TIPS: These remedies of Vastu Shastra will save you and your family from diseases


Some kind of disease in the body is due to lack of some things in the body and weakening of immunity, but many times, even after taking many medicines and having good food, diseases continue to occur or often there is someone in the house. The member becomes ill. According to Vastu, due to some mistakes or faults, the people of the house also get surrounded by diseases. There are some remedies mentioned in Vastu, by doing which you can get rid of diseases. So let's know the solution.

According to Vastu, it is very important to have positive communication of positive energy in order to be healthy in the house, so take special care that the main door and threshold of the house should not be broken. Also, keep in mind that there should be no dirt of any kind at the main gate. If there is any type of defect in the main door of the house, both the house members' progress and health are adversely affected. Make a swastika mark on the main gate.

In addition to cleaning the house daily, cleanliness should also be done on a weekly basis. If there are spider webs on the corners and walls in your house, then they should be removed. This increases mental stress. Apart from this, bells or wind chimes should be installed at the door so that positive sound is communicated in the house. With this, all the window doors should be opened in the morning so that the sunlight and clean fresh air can come into the house properly. This destroys the bacteria in the house.

One should never sleep under a beam in the house. The Brahmo place of the house should always be kept empty, otherwise, it is prone to disease. One should never put it right in front of a glass bed in the bedroom and take care that no part of the body is visible in the glass at bedtime. It is believed that diseases persist in the body. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, then put a thick cloth on it at night while sleeping.

Daily wipe with salt mixed water should be done. Along with this, camphor should be lit in the morning and evening in every room of the house every day. Due to this, positive energy is maintained in the house, as well as the micro-germs in the air are also destroyed.