Vastu tips: Take special care while using tawa and kadhai, otherwise you may have to bear the loss


Problems keep coming into our lives, but sometimes these problems increase so much that one starts feeling stressed. Have you ever thought that many of the problems in your life can be due to unintentional mistakes made while working at home? Yes, according to Vastu, the connection of Tawa and Kadhai is considered to be with Rahu. If care is not taken while using the griddle and the pan while working in the kitchen, there can be many problems. If the griddle and the pan are used properly then you can avoid many troubles. Know what to keep in mind while using the pan and pan.

Many times, after making roti or vegetable, leave the pan and pan aside like this. It is not right to do so. This may adversely affect the health of the head of the household. Never forget to leave the pan and pan in the sink even at night. Otherwise, you may have to face many problems due to the outbreak of Rahu. Therefore, after using tawa or kadhai, it should be cleaned and dried properly.

Do not forget the pan and the pan

It is often seen that most people keep the pan and kadhai upside down, but Vastu Shastra says that the pan or pan should never be kept upside down. With this, one should never leave the pan or pan on top of the stove. If you do this then you may face many problems. Therefore, after making vegetable or roti, the pan and pan should be removed from the stove and kept clean. Where you cook, keep both these things on the right side.

Do not scratch the griddle and frying with sharp things

Sometimes during cooking, grease and spices freeze in the pan and griddle, which people clean by scrapping with sharp things. According to Vastu Shastra, it does not remain correct. This increases negativity in the house.