Vastu Tips: Never keep these things in your purse!


Everything has importance in Vastu Shastra. Through the remedies of Vastu, we can keep our life happy. Today we are going to give you information about some Vastu tips regarding purses. We have a wide variety of things in our purse.

Some of these things are not even useful. Today we are going to tell you which things to keep in your purse are not right according to Vastu Shastra. Due to these things kept in the purse, negative energy increases around. Due to this you also have to face financial problems.

Keeping mutilated notes, any photographs, or bad paper inside your purse is not auspicious according to Vastu. Due to these things, there is a decrease in the inflow of money. The purse should be neat. However, keeping a paper photo of Lakshmi Mata in the purse is appropriate.