Vastu Tips: Know the rules of sleep, there is no shortage of money if you sleep in this direction


Everyone knows that sleep is directly related to our . While is good by getting complete and restful sleep, there can be many problems due to not sleeping properly. Some rules related to shayana (sleep) are also mentioned in Vastu and our scriptures. Many times we are tired for the whole day and go to sleep like this. Which is not only harmful to but also you have to face many problems. Vastu says that which direction a person sleeps, affects both his and financial condition, so it is necessary to sleep in the right direction. So let's know the right rules and direction of sleeping.

According to Vastu, sleeping in the east direction and the head is auspicious. Sleeping ahead in this direction leads to an increase in positivity. Sleeping in the east direction also increases the concentration in .

According to Vastu, sleeping on the west side is also beneficial. Heading towards this direction increases the fame of sleep by sleeping.

Although North is considered a very auspicious direction in Vastu, sleeping towards this direction is not right from the point of view of . By heading towards this direction, diseases arise in the body by sleeping.

Sleeping by heading towards the south is also beneficial. Going head to head in this direction does not bring negative thoughts as well as stress. Apart from this, sleeping in the south direction increases happiness and prosperity. There is no shortage of money in any way.

According to the scriptures, the rules of the sleep

One should never sleep with broken cots, broken beds, dirty beds, and shackled mouths.

Never sleep without getting naked.

According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, one should not sleep during the day and after sunrise, and at sunset. Due to this, diseases arise in the body by sleeping in the body and cause impoverishment.

Never sleep in a deserted , crematorium, sanctum sanctorum, and darkroom of the temple.