Vastu tips: Keep in mind these things related to the vault, will not be short of money


Everyone wants to store money, but sometimes the situation becomes such that a person is not able to accumulate wealth even after all the efforts. There is a wastage of money. If you too are troubled by unnecessary spending of money, or money is not staying in the house, then according to Vastu, keep these measures in mind.

Kubera Ji is the god of wealth and a person keeps his wealth in the vault. Hence the vault is considered a symbol of Kubera. While keeping the vault or the place where you keep money, keep the direction of the place in mind. Always keep the locker or cupboard of money in the west direction in such a way that its door is open in the east direction. The vault door should never open towards the south.

Always keep cleanliness at the place where the vault is kept. Because Lakshmi lives in a clean place. The door of the safe or the cupboard where you keep the money should never be in front of the washroom. Otherwise, there is a problem with the accumulation of wealth.

A vault purse or a place to keep money should never be completely emptied. A mirror should be placed in the vault in such a way that the reflection of wealth is visible. Similarly, you can also keep a small mirror in your purse. According to Vastu, no weight or baggage should be placed on top of the vault. This leads to a loss of money.

There should not be any webs around the vault, if the webs are installed then it should be cleaned immediately. Also, never touch the vault with dirty hands. Whenever you want to withdraw or keep money, first remove the shoes from your foot and remove the money after cleaning the feet and feet.