Vastu Tips: If you are not getting a job then follow these Vastu Tips


Everyone's dream is to get a job. This wish of some people is not fulfilled even after working hard. Because of this many people keep wandering in search of jobs. Due to lack of job, people have to face many problems. There can also be a Vastu defect behind not getting a job.

Today we are going to tell you some Vastu remedies, by doing which every problem related to your job can be removed. A person should put the photo or idol of Ganesha Vighnaharta at home. In the photo or idol of Ganesha, the trunk should be turned towards the right.

While going in search of a job, one should leave the house after eating something sweet. At the same time, feeding jaggery to a white cow is also very auspicious. The person should carry red colored cloth in his pocket while going for the interview. By taking these measures, the person will definitely get the benefit.