Vastu tips: Do not keep these things in the northeast direction of the house, these things can be a loss of money


According to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to take care of directions while building anything because every direction has its own energy. Vaastu defects occur in the house, ignoring the rules of Vastu. Due to which you and other family members face many problems. Many times due to Vastu Dosha one also has to face money-related problems. The northeast direction of the house is considered very important. This direction has been considered as the direction of Kubera. Wrong construction or unnecessary things are done in this direction have a bad effect on your economic progress. Therefore special attention should be paid while constructing in the North-East direction. Let's know

Never place a place for shoes and slippers in the North-East direction of the house. Nor should dirty things or dustbin be placed in this direction. Due to dirt in this direction, this direction gets corrupted, due to which troubles in the arrival of money in your house start coming. The economic condition of the house starts deteriorating.

Heavy goods or machines etc. should also not be kept in North-East direction. Some people make stairs etc. in this direction. But one should not construct the stairs even in this direction. This creates Vastu Dosha which can weaken the financial condition of your home.

The toilet should not be constructed even after forgetting in North-East direction. This corrupts this direction. Due to which negative energy flows in the house. Which can stop the flow of money in your house.

A statue of Kubera should be installed in the northeast direction of the house. Light and worship items can be kept in this direction. This direction should always be kept clean and empty for the arrival of money.