Vastu Tips: According to Vastu, take precautions in buying a new flat, only then will the rain of happiness and prosperity


Architectural house

Who does not want to buy their dream home? Everyone wants his house to be such that he can live happily with his family. According to Vastu Shastra, the house not only gives us a place to live, but the energy within or around it affects our life. Therefore it becomes necessary to choose a good place to buy a house or flat. Also, its internal arrangement should be as per Vastu.

Entry Gate

Before buying a house or flat, make sure that the main gate is in Eastern, Northern, Southern, Western and Western regions. A house in the south-west direction creates problems in borrowing, poverty and mutual relations, while the west-facing gate in the north direction provides success in wealth and career. Make sure that there is no electric pole, big tree, pit, hospital and temple in front of the main gate of the house.

Room direction

The master bedroom is always auspicious to be in the southwest of the house. Zones of Relationships, Connection and Efficiency By having bedrooms in the southwest, spouses consistently achieve proficiency in their work and both take full care of their family. The west zone is of profit and receipts, so the bedroom built in this zone is good for the couple for the attainment of profit and wealth in every area of ​​life. It is beneficial to have a children's room in the north, east and west directions.

The Toilet

Before buying a flat, make sure that the toilet is not built in the northeast. Toilet in this direction can cause many physical and mental problems, do not buy such a house. Toilets and bathrooms are inauspicious in the middle of the house or front of the main door. So before taking a flat, be sure to keep this in mind.


It is very important to look in the right direction of the kitchen while buying a flat. The south-east direction (fire-angle) of the house is considered the best for the kitchen. Alternatively, there may be a kitchen in the east towards igneous direction or west towards the north-west direction. But forgetting that there should not be a kitchen in the south-west direction. The kitchen here is a major architectural flaw. Due to the kitchen in this direction, a person is not able to use his skills due to which he may have to face instability in his career and bad relationships in the family. The kitchen should not be in the northeast.


The balance of the five elements is very important in bringing happiness and prosperity in any house. Ideally, all the five elements should be in their fixed places like water in north or north-east, fire in the south-east, things related to earth element in south-west and sky in west direction. Being in the right direction attracts health, wealth and financial stability in your life

Other important things-

- The direction of the balcony is determined according to the direction of the main door of the building. If there is a balcony in the house, then the balcony in the north and east is auspicious. While making the balcony, the first thing should be kept in mind that the sunlight should come in the house properly.

- Flats should be taken around ruins houses or near-deserted houses. According to Vastu, taking homes around these places causes mental defects. Also, the negative energy emanating from these houses can negatively affect your family.

According to Vastu, while buying a house, see to it that it is of square or rectangular shape, house of any other shape is not considered auspicious.