Vastu Tips: According to Vastu, choose the color of the curtains in the house, you will get freedom from the troubles that come in life.


While constructing the house, most people pay attention to the direction and location, but people tend to ignore the small things while doing the same maintenance and decoration in the house. Vastu also mentions colors according to directions and location. It is also considered important to choose the color of the curtains in this subject. According to Vastu, curtains of different colors and designs not only add beauty to the beauty of the house, but also help in maintaining positive energy in the house. By choosing the color of curtains properly, you can get rid of the problems of life. So let's know-how

If there is a situation of fighting and fighting in your house, due to which you have to face stress. Then you should put red colored curtains in the south direction of your house. This creates a feeling of love among the family members and brings peace to the house.

If your financial situation is weak or you have a debt, which you are not able to repay even after trying, then blue curtains should be put in the north direction of the house. With this, you start seeing positive effects in a short time.

If you work very hard, yet you are not getting the fruit according to that, then you should put white curtains in the west direction of your house. With this, you will get rid of problems and the way to achieve the goal will be easy.

If you are looking for a good job but you are not getting success even after making many efforts, then you should put green curtains in the east direction of the house. It is believed that this opens the way for your progress.