VASTU TIPS: A pinch of salt can remove your money problem, know-how


If all the spices are added to the food and the salt is forgotten, then the whole taste of the food gets spoiled. Salt not only makes food tasty but do you know that it can also remove the problems of your life. Many effective remedies for salt have been told in Vastu. If these remedies of salt are done properly then negativity can be removed. Along with this, problems related to money, family problems, etc. can also be overcome by using salt. Whether there is a money-related problem in the house, the flow of negativity has increased or if a family member remains ill, these salt remedies can give you freedom from all the troubles. So let's know the solution.

salt in wipe water

According to Vastu, before putting a wipe in the house, a little whole sea salt should be put in water and after that wipe it. Keep in mind that do not mix salt in water on Thursday. This removes the negativity of your house and gradually gets rid of money-related problems.

With this remedy, the flow of money will remain in the house

If the inflow of money is not going smoothly in the house, then according to Vastu, take a glass of water in a glass, mix some salt in it and keep that glass in a safe place in the southeast corner of the house. So that there is no fear of falling. Along with this, put a red colored bulb on the back of the glass. When the water in the glass dries up, add water and salt again and keep it. This keeps the flow of money in your house.

for wealth and prosperity

Always keep salt in a glass vessel in the house and put four to five cloves of worship in it. Due to this, there is no moisture in the salt and at the same time, the inflow and prosperity of money remain in your house.

Grief will be removed by this remedy

If there is any kind of disturbance or trouble in your family or if there is a dispute between husband and wife, then keep the whole salt deli in a vessel in the bedroom of the house. Keep changing this salt every fifteen days. This removes the negative energy from your house and keeps happiness and mental peace in the house.

remedy for disease

If any member in your house is very ill or has been going ill for a long time, then the patient should be put to sleep with his head towards the east. Apart from this, take some pieces of whole-rock salt and keep it in a corner in the patient's room. Keep changing it every few days. This will gradually improve the patient's health.