Vastu: These Sunday measures bring progress and happiness in life. Know what are the beliefs


Every person wants to achieve success in life. People work hard day and night to live a life full of comforts. Some people get success according to their karma and some feel disappointed. According to astrologers, some such remedies and tricks are described in astrology, by adopting which obstacles in money and life can be overcome.

1. Maa Lakshmi arrives at the house by lighting a lamp of cow's ghee on both sides of the main gate. According to astrology, offering Rudraksha to Maa Gauri and Lord Shankar in the Shiva temple on Sundays also pleases Goddess Lakshmi.

2. To get progress in life, it is believed that rice should be mixed with milk and jaggery. Along with this, donate wheat and jaggery tied in a red cloth.

3. Mix jaggery and rice in water and pour it. It is believed that by doing this one gets rid of problems.

4. Bread should be fed to the cow. It is believed that doing so increases the chances of success in that work.