Vastu shastra: keeping these things in mind, we will put wind chime, then the door of luck will open


There are a lot of showpieces in Feng Shui, which balance the energy in the house. Out of these, most people are well aware of a wind chime. People apply this as decoration on their home, but do you know that its sweet sound is very beneficial for you, if a windchime is applied after taking a few things into consideration then you get rid of many problems and your good luck awakens is. Wind chimes increase the transmission of positive energy within the home. Which has a direct impact on our fate. Windchime made of wood, iron, and different metals are available in the market, but which metal and how many rods wind chime are right for you to depend on which purpose and where and in which direction Hang in So let's know how to hang the wind chime...

Windchime metal according to the direction

Windchime made of metal should be hung in the west, northwest, and north direction of the house. So wooden wind chime is right for the east direction, south-east direction, and south direction. Apart from this, wind chimes made of clay are right for the south-west, north-east and central direction.

Keep these things in mind when buying wind chime

When buying a wind chime, it should be noted that how many rods are in it and how is the sound coming out of it. If the right metal has been used in the wind chime and the texture will be of the right kind, then it will be very sweet and coarse. Windchime with a similar sound is right.

If there is a wind chime strap on the window etc. inside the house, do not take it too big. In the same way, if you want to apply wind chime in the open space or outside the house, do not buy too small.

Wind chimes with six, seven, eight, and nine rods are considered the most auspicious in Feng Shui.

Applying wind chime with seven and eight rods arouses good luck and removes misfortune.