Vastu shastra: Don't keep these three things in the scattered state in the house, disease and mental stress increases


According to Vastu, the house should be decorated and arranged. A scattered, dirty house causes problems in your life. Seeing scattered things, a person experiences mental fatigue. Due to disorganized scattered items, negative energy flows into your house, causing you to suffer disease, discord, stress, and financial loss. Three such things have been told in Vastu, which should never be kept here and there or disorganized. In the house where these things are not kept in the right place, there are diseases, and stress increases in that house. So let's know what those things are...

In today's time, every household is full of electrical and electronic equipment in the name of convenience, but all these devices should be used as per the requirement. People have a lot of mobiles in their homes. People change another when one is bad. This is the reason that there is a lot of bad equipment already lying in the house. Old mobiles, chargers, cables, and other unusable appliances should not be allowed in the house. Due to their random spread in the house and being in the house unnecessarily, the flow of negative energy increases, which creates a situation of discord in the house. Bad things should be removed from the house immediately and the rest of the equipment should be properly arranged.

People keep some things related to first aid at home. These things should always be kept in an orderly manner and kept in the self or compartment of a cupboard. In the same way, people eat medicine and leave it at the same time during the night by keeping it on the table or else. The gathering of medicines unnecessarily and keeping them scattered in the house promotes more diseases in your home. Therefore, as much as possible, keep only the necessary medicines related to the treatment at home and keep it properly arranged. Chemical substances are used to make medicines and are representative of the chemicals of Rahu-Ketu. For this reason, the effect of Rahu-Ketu is believed by keeping medicines or other chemical substances in the open. Which promote diseases, defects, and discord in your home.


At home, footwear should always be arranged in the right place. Random and unnecessarily stretched footwear gives rise to fierce negative energy in your home. You should keep as many shoes and slippers in the house as needed, and they should also be kept in the right place, not forgetting in front of the door. This increases poverty and discord in your home. Apart from this, it is also not good for your progress.