Valentines day 2021: Celebrate the first Valentine's Day after marriage in these special ways


After marriage, the husband and wife have a different enthusiasm for Valentine's Day because this is the first time when they are going to live together in a house to celebrate this moment, this day, this week together. Everyone wants this first Valentine's Day to be memorable but the question is also how to make it special and memorable.

Keep the gift near the pillow

If you are going to celebrate the first Valentine's Day after marriage, then it is certain that you want to make your partner feel very special. You can start the day well by giving a surprise to your partner in the morning, for this, you should get up before your partner sleeps and keep a cute gift near the pillow so that when the partners wake up sleeping they will be happy.

Send roses with a stranger

If your partner is in the office or working at home, then the time of day is boring on normal days. To make such a time special, you can send your partner's favorite flowers and cute messages to a stranger so that your partner will suddenly become very happy and immediately call you and express their love.

The expression on social media

If your partners are social media-friendly, then if you make some small changes for them on your profile, then they will be very happy. You can add your Insta username to your partner for one day or put a DP with your partner on WhatsApp or Facebook or put a DP of your partner. You can make them feel special by adding good status.

Candlelight dinner

If you are unable to go out of the house due to Corona, then organize a candlelight dinner at home. Both are very well prepared for dinner. Bring scented candles from the market and take care of each other's choice, either get the food from outside or prepare food in advance with the help of other members at home and live that moment of candlelight dinner.