Use these tips to take care of fruits and vegetables, will last long


Fruits and vegetables are brought together in the house so that the market does not have to go again and again. But at the same time, there is concern that the vegetables may not go bad. Although they are stored in the house with the help of the fridge, if not stored properly, they can be spoiled. So today in this episode, we have brought some tips for you, with the help of which fruits and vegetables can be taken care of easily so that they will not last long without spoiling.


To keep the tomato from spoiling, people keep it in the fridge. But even then, after a few days, there is a problem of rotting and deterioration. To avoid this, cut tomatoes and roast and apply a little olive oil. After that close it well in a container and keep it in the fridge. This will keep your tomatoes fresh for about 2 weeks.


Banana starts melting after 1- 2 days. But you can easily keep it right for 3-5 days. For this, you will need to cover the top of the banana with plastic wrap. Actually, due to the gas coming out of the banana stem, it starts cooking soon. In this case, it will be worth eating for a few days instead of spoiling it.

Apple, Pear

To keep apples and pears fresh, store them in a ventilated bag or basket. Also, keep them in a dry place instead of keeping them in a humid place.

Green-leafy vegetables

To keep green leafy vegetables fresh for a long time, cover them with tissue paper or a kitchen roll. Apart from this, close it well in a plastic bag and keep it in the fridge. In such a situation, they will not get moisture. Also, it will remain fresh for several days.

Onion and garlic

Keep the onion and garlic in an open and ventilated place for long-term use. Also, do not make the mistake of keeping them in a sunny place.

Green onions

To keep it fresh for several days, cut it into a bottle or container, and store it in the fridge.