Unique tradition: If the wish could not be fulfilled while alive, then after the death, people make car, jeep-like figures over the monastery.


Have you ever heard that when a person dies, the idol of his choice is made at his monastery (where he is buried)? If you haven't heard the fire, it doesn't matter. There is such a tribal society in our country India, where such a unique tradition is in practice. After the death of a person here, after the funeral, a statue of the person of his choice is made in the monastery.

Actually, if you reach Dhamtari in Chhattisgarh, then many shapes like bullock cart, jeep, the scooter will be seen on the monasteries. The Gond Samaj in Belmargaon, Dhamtari, has been following this tradition and customs for many years. In this unique tradition, the figure of his favorite objects is made on the dead man's monastery. However, no one can tell why it is being done.

Explain that the shape of objects of choice of the deceased is made on top of the Chabuttranuma Math. Usually, in the male monastery bullock cart, horse, elephant, spear-holding concierge, jeep, car, motorcycle, and scooter are made.

At the same time, in the women's monastery, the custom is to make only the urn. Now, this tradition has started in urban societies too. With this, people who die are known by the name, or they remain famous, a similar monastery is built of that person. In this community, there was a person known as Bahadur. Therefore, after his death, a mace holding his mace is built on his monastery.