Unique tea whose price will blow your senses, this year only 2.5 kg yield


Tea is of great importance to many people without which they do not have a morning. Everyone likes to bring the best tea leaves whose best taste will win your heart. But today, in this episode, we have brought to you information about such a unique tea which is worth so much that many rich people also shun it. The tea we are talking about has created a special record in the rare species of tea in Assam. This tea leaf has been sold at the auction center for 75 thousand rupees per kg.

Let me tell you that the beautiful gold tea is a special kind of rare tea leaf. This tea has been sold at the Guwahati Tea Auction Center for 75 thousand rupees per kg. Manohari Gold Tea is the highest price of tea recorded in Assam this year. Manohari Tea State, who cultivates this special tea leaf, says that this year it only produced 2.5 kg. Out of the total yields, 1.2 kg of tea leaves has been auctioned.

According to Manohari Tea State Director Rajan Lohia, it is a special kind of tea, which is broken between 4 to 6 am before the rays of the sun fall on the ground. The color of this tea leaf is light beige yellow. Not only this, but this chapatti is also famous for its special kind of fragrance.

In Assam, this rare tea leaf is cultivated on 30 acres. The buds are broken with leaves from this tea leaf plant, then they are passed through the process of fermentation. The color of this tea leaf changes from green to brown during fermentation. After drying, this tea leaf turns a golden color.

According to a report by Deccan Herald, the direct impact of lockdown, monsoon, and flooding have also hit Assam's tea gardens. The tea industry is suffering from a loss of 1 thousand crores this year. But the recent auctions of the delightful Gold Tea have brought some relief.