Two-faced poisonous snake, rare species were seen in Maharashtra


Water animals often appear in this rainy season, one of which is a snake. Some snakes are common and some poisonous. In such a situation, a unique and rare species of snake is seen on Thursday in Kalyan of Maharashtra which is two-faced. This snake is said to be so poisonous that it dies in a moment due to its bite. The twin-headed snake is 11 cm in length. This snake is one of the species of venomous snakes found in India.

Kalyan resident Dimple Shah reported this to the War Rescue Foundation when he saw the twin-headed snake. The Foundation's two rescue teams then arrived at the scene to rescue the rare snake.

Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda shared this video of the snake with his Twitter handle. Sharing the clip, Nanda wrote that 'Two-faced Russell Viper was rescued in Maharashtra. It is unlikely to survive in the forest because of its unusual appearance. Russell vipers are far more dangerous than most venomous snakes because it still bothers you when you survive the initial bite. '

Two-headed snakes are very rare. Rescue of this snake was handed over to the Hafkien Institute of Parel. In May this year too, a two-headed wolf snake was found in Odisha.

Let us tell you that there have also been many cases of smuggling of the two-faced snake. It is said that eating it increases physical capacity and provides benefits in many diseases, but it is nothing but a superstition. Some people buy it as fortunate so that their luck is revealed.