Turkmenistan's President made a giant gold statue of a dog, the reason is very special


You must have seen a lot of the idol of the leaders in the street intersections or the park, but have you ever thought that you are walking on a road and you can see the statue of an animal at the intersection. Even if you feel this is a bit strange, the Turkmen ruler has made a 'gold' statue of his favorite dog.

Gurbanguly Berdmukhmedov, who held the power of Turkmenistan, built this statue in the new area of ​​the capital Ashgabat. Gurbanguly Berdhyamukhamedov, who has been ruling since 2007, unveiled the huge statue of this dog last year. Please tell that Bardyamukhamedov likes the alibi dog. This species of dog originates in the country itself and is considered part of the national identity of Turkmenistan.

A 50-foot-high statue of this dog has a 24-carat gold layer mounted on it. This dog statue has been built in the area of ​​Ashgabat, for the government officials to live. The area has many marble buildings, schools, sports grounds, cinema halls, parks, and shops.

Not only this, Gurbanguly Berdmukhmedov has written many books and poems dedicated to this species of dog. He considers this dog a symbol of achievement and victory. Berdmukhmedov once gave a dog of this species as a gift to the President of Russia.

On the one hand, the ruler of Turkmenistan spent so much money to get a dog idol, on the other hand, the people of the country are forced to live in poverty. Although the country's economy is growing rapidly due to oil and natural gas, only the rich are benefiting from it.