Tulsi Kadha Benefits for Kids: Tulsi decoction helps save children from the third wave of the corona, know the benefits


After the devastation of the second wave of Coronavirus, now the fear of the third wave of Corona has started haunting. Experts believe that the third wave of corona can prove to be more dangerous for children. The prediction of the third wave has increased the fear among the people, although no concrete evidence has come to the fore so far. Children can be the victims of the third wave, so it is very important to protect children. To protect children from falling prey to this disease, then their immunity has to be strengthened so that they can face this disease. To increase the immunity of children, give yellow basil decoction to children.

Rich in medicinal properties, vitamins, and minerals are found in abundance in basil. Tulsi not only boosts immunity but also treats many diseases. Fever, heart-related diseases, abdominal pain, malaria, and bacterial infections are also relieved by consuming basil leaves. Tulsi also relieves headaches and cold cough. Immunity in children can be boosted by consuming such beneficial basil. Tulsi leaves have the properties of increasing immunity. If it is consumed in the form of a decoction, then its positive benefits are seen. Know the easy method of making Tulsi decoction at home.

Tulsi Decoction Ingredients:

  • Four leaves of basil
  • Black pepper
  • small pieces of ginger
  • Honey
  • Grind basil leaves, black pepper, and ginger together in a bowl, and boil it in a cup of water and then mix it with honey and give it to children.​

Tulsi and Honey Tea:

If you want, you can also give tea of ​​Tulsi and honey to the children. Tulsi has anti-inflammatory properties, which increase the ability to fight diseases. The Ministry of AYUSH has also advised consuming Tulsi to increase immunity.