Try these home remedies and get rid of cough immediately


The problem of coughing is due to changing weather, increasing pollution or some of our bad habits. But if there is a persistent cough, then it also indicates an infection in the lungs, windpipe, or throat. Cough makes us conscious about health. So think about treatment instead of ignoring it. So first of all, identify what kind of cough it is, depending on it, choose the option of home remedies or medicines.

There are two types of cough in particular: -

- Dry cough

- Mucus cough

Effective home remedies to deal with cough

- Honey is also very beneficial in curing dry cough with many diseases. Mix one spoon of honey in warm milk and drink it. Doing this twice in the morning and evening will only make you feel relaxed.

- If you do not drink milk, then licking honey mixed with ginger juice also gives relief.

- Drinking honey mixed with onion juice is also an effective cure for cough.

- While making tea, add ginger, black pepper powder, and honey to it. Drink hot, cough will be cured. 4

- Drinking turmeric milk not only keeps away coughs but also many types of infectious diseases.

- After extracting the juice of basil leaves, mix it with ginger juice and consume it. If it does not taste good, honey can also be added to it.

- By adding salt in lukewarm water, gargling two to three times a day, provides quick relief in cough.

- If you have a lot of coughs, add celery, salt, basil, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon to the water and boil it till the water is reduced to half and drink it slowly. This decoction is also a kind of immunity booster. Which you can also drink normally.

- Consumption of licorice also proves very beneficial in curing cough.