Try the new trend of Gloss hair this festival season


Often on the day of the festival, all women wear a new dress, with which hairstyle is extremely important. Here we have brought you the Gloss Hair Trend-

Everybody likes to wear new clothes on the festival day, but the most important one is with the hairstyle. Women adopt everything from home remedies to beauty products to their hair care. You must have thought about the dress you wear on the festival, but here we are going to tell you about a hair trend that goes perfect with any dress. Nowadays women are adopting the gloss hair trend again, which would be best for any function or festival. You do not need to go to the parlour for gloss hair, but you can try it at home. Here we will tell you how you can adopt gloss hair trends at home.

Moisturize hair

When you wash your hair properly, use microfiber towels to dry them. This will protect your hair from breakage and fall and keep their shine. When your hair is dry properly, then definitely apply heat-protecting serum or moisturizer in them. Because when you use heat on your hair for gloss hair, it will prevent your hair from getting damaged and dry. Also, you should never use a heat product directly on the hair.

For shiny hair

Dry your hair with a dryer before using a straightener. Use a synthetic bristle brush with a dryer, which adds shine to the hair. Dry your hair in different parts, then comb it and dry it with a dryer. If you divide and dry the hair in different sections, then it will already have a different shine. Keep in mind that while using the dryer in the hair, you must do a hairbrush as well.

Straighten hair

Split the hair into different sections and use a straightener to gently comb. When your hair is straightened, apply shine spray to them. You can also apply the serum after hair spray, which helps to protect hair from heat. If your hair looks oily after the serum, don't worry at all, it starts to look silky after a while. You can also apply dry oil to your hair to make it silky. Keep in mind that oil is most important to make hair black and thick for a long time.

It is important to keep hair healthy

If your hair is getting damaged or two mouths, then you need to make them healthy because for gloss hair, you have to straighten the hair, which will be done with the help of heat. If you have bleached or highlighted hair, gloss hair will not look good. To keep your hair healthy, take vitamin-D, sleep on a silk pillow and do not use high heat products on hair. You should adopt a gloss hair trend only when your hair is strong and healthy.

Try this gloss hair trend this festive season.

Image Credit: freepik, Instagram