Try homemade onion powder to make your hair dark and long!


Everyone wants to get thick, tan, and long hair but for this, you need to take good hair care along with a good diet. Today we are going to tell you onion powder and how to use it. Indian Onion is an essential part of every dish we prepare with the help of it. Onion is very useful but for some years, onion has become very popular due to its ability to control hair loss and promote hair growth.

It contain strong antioxidants that help in removing premature hair whitening effects, regular use of onion packs makes hair shiny and improves hair quality, promotes new hair growth, and adds volume to the hair

Onions are anti-bacterial guns that treat various scalp infections and prevent hair loss. Nourishes hair follicles. Onions are rich in sulfur which helps reduce hair thinning and breakage.

To make onion powder, first, wash the onion thoroughly, then clean it thoroughly and cut it into long and thin pieces, place the slices in a tray and keep it in a sharp sun for a few days to dry.