TRAVEL TRIP: If you are in Hyderabad, then take advantage of these adventure sports!


As soon as you hear the name of Nawabo's city Hyderabad, the picture of the royal chic and lazy food starts revolving in the city. The city has a rich history of its own.

The gagged list of women who love adventure sports always includes bungee jumping. It is a very thrilling experience and can be enjoyed very easily in Hyderabad. Here you are dropped by a crane with a height of 200 feet.

One of the most popular sports in this country is go-karting, which you can do very easily in Hyderabad. It is ideal for groups with friends because you can compete and race each other.

Trekking spots in Hyderabad offer a perfect blend of exciting and natural landscapes with rough weather. Anantagiri, Bhongir Fort, Koilkonda Fort, Ghanpur Fort, and Medak Fort are popular trekking destinations on the outskirts of Hyderabad.