Travel Tips: Visit these places of Bharatpur this summer, you will get a tremendous experience


Rajasthan is definitely the first choice of visitors. There are many tourist places here, where people like to go a lot. One of these is Bharatpur, which is also known as the eastern gate of Rajasthan. Its historical buildings-forts, ancient temples, entertainment sites attract tourists. In such a situation, if you have never gone to visit here, then this time you can stay here and return with your many good memories. So let's know which places you can roam here.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagarh Fort is in the city of Bharatpur and is the main fort here. This fort is quite strong, due to which it is named after the strong metal iron. You will also find many types of weapons here. It is said that the Mughals and the British tried to break this fort, but they could not break it. This place is quite right from the point of view.


The distance of Deeg from Bharatpur is about 32 kilometers and this place is known for its majestic fortifications, magnificent palaces, beautiful gardens, and beautiful fountains. Many such old things are seen here, which reveal the history of the place. This place is surrounded by Gopal Lake and it is said that this lake was built to avoid enemies.

Ganga Temple

Although there are many temples in Bharatpur, the Ganga temple is the most beautiful temple here and it is also considered a great architectural piece. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Tourists like this place a lot, it is also because this temple is located in the center of the city. There are many types of carvings on the walls and pillars here, which the tourists like very much.

Bird sanctuary

Apart from the ancient forts and temples in Bharatpur, you can also visit the bird sanctuary here. Here you will find many different birds, including about 300 species of birds. Every year a large number of people reach this place not only from the country but also from abroad. In such a situation, you can also go here.