TRAVEL TIPS: Today we will tell you about the valley of flowers in North-East, not Uttarakhand! Click here to know


This valley, situated at an altitude of more than 3 thousand above sea level, is a major tourist destination for the entire North-East. It is no less than a paradise for any nature lovers and tourists. Species of flowers are found that tourists from far and wide come to see.

Yumthang Valley is also a great place in terms of beauty. The high mountains and dense forest near this valley attract even more tourists. This valley also has many waterfalls where you can hang out with your family friend or partner.

Along with walking in the flower beds, you can also visit many of the best places around the Yumthang Valley. Apart from walking in these places, trekking is a great option to enjoy this place. For you can go between 6 am and 5 pm.