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Amid lush greenery and cool breeze, everyone likes to spend a few days. To calm your mind and get a break from the daily lifestyle, you need to spend a vacation amidst nature. Nature gives positive vibes to our mind. Which helps you to relieve all your stress

Himachal Pradesh is one of such destination destinations in India which is always at the top for holiday travel, Himachal Pradesh also has many destinations that you may not have heard much but their beauty is really worth seeing.

The waterfall is hidden inside the forest which cannot be seen until you go inside the dense forest. The gorge of water flows like music and mesmerizes the whole place if you sit in search of peace. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, then definitely visit this place

Jalori Pass is just 12 km away from Jibi village, it is situated at an altitude of 3000 meters. It is a beautiful place. Here, you can feel the beauty of nature and feel the sound of the flowing wind. The natural beauty of this place makes it worth a visit.

The twin valleys of Tirthan and Banjar provide something worth seeing for every traveler in Himachal Pradesh. Some effort needs to be made to get to these magical valleys. The beauty of Tirthan Valley is truly worth seeing.