TRAVEL TIPS: These traditional festivals are celebrated in Kerala, every festival has a different feature!


Being situated on the coastline, Kerala is a famous place in India due to the beautiful coastline and the best tourist places. Lakhs of tourists come here to visit these tourists, along with the cultural and traditional festivals celebrated in Kerala.

One of the most prominent festivals of Kerala is the Trichur Puram festival. This festival is mainly celebrated in the Vadakkunathan temple where Lord Shiva is worshiped. On this special occasion, there is a parade of decorated elephants.

Kodungallur Bharani zest lasts for 3 days in Kerala. Fairs etc. are also organized in many places during these three days. On this special occasion, the temple in Thrissur in Kerala is celebrated as a celebration of Bhadrakali's victory on a stake called Dwarka.

After the Onam festival, the second most prominent festival is Vishu Utsav. On this day men and women wear traditional clothes and embrace each other and congratulate Vishu on this day. Rangoli is also made in front of the house on this day.