TRAVEL TIPS : These places in Kerala are best for spending holidays, you can plan to visit


There are many such places in India, where a large number of tourists reach every year. From every corner of the country to abroad, tourists visit India and return with many good memories. However, due to the second wave of coronavirus, the lockdown was once again imposed in most of the states of India, which has now been relaxed to a great extent. In such a situation, tourists are again traveling to their favorite places. At the same time, in most states, the condition is very bad due to the heat and people are confused about the place to spend their summer holidays, which places to visit. If you are also confused about the place, then let us tell you about some special places in Kerala. Where you can go for a walk with your friends, partner or family. So let's know about these places.


If you are a nature lover and looking for a place where you can spend a relaxing time. Where there is no problem of any kind and you spend all the time well, then you can go to Thrissur to visit. This is the best place to visit in summer. Here you will find many beaches, dams, and waterfalls, etc. Every year many tourists come here to spend their holidays.


Thekkady, situated in the state of Kerala, is known for its beauty besides Periyar National Park. This national park is very popular among tourists. Here you can see many animals like elephants, tigers, deer, etc. Not only this, you can experience many types of adventure here. Overall, this place is the best to visit in summer.


In Varkala, you can spend the summer holidays very well with your friends, your partner or your family. Here the hills are very close to the sea, quite beautiful beaches are also present here. Apart from this, it is not crowded like cities, but there is a lot of peace here which almost every tourist wants.


In Wayanad, you will see beautiful vegetation, dense forests, and high hills, which attract everyone towards it. What to say about the beauty of this place? Also, the weather here is also very pleasant. Apart from this, there are many good resorts for your stay here, where you can take advantage of many facilities.