TRAVEL TIPS: These beautiful lakes of Japan will take you to another world! Click here to know about the interesting facts related to it


Japan is a place that is famous for its huge population and its natural beauty. From the food here, the natural beauty attracts tourists spontaneously. Japan is popular for many reasons. Today we will tell you about some beautiful lakes.

Kawaguchi Lake is located on Mount Fuji and is considered a World Heritage Site. It is one of the most famous lakes in Japan. The lake is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and Mount Fuji on the fourth side.

Lake Biwa is one of the largest lakes in Japan which precedes Kasumigora Lake and dates back millions of years. Biwa is actually a musical instrument and the lake resembles the shape of an instrument. It is a freshwater lake

Kasumigora Lake is the second largest lake after Biwa Japan. The lake was mostly used by the fishing industry but is now a popular tourist destination. You can go around the water in this lake with the help of many boats or ships.

Yamanaka Lake It is one of the largest of the 5 lakes located on Mount Fuji. There are many great activities you can do on the lake. You can take a bicycle and ride around the lake.