Travel Tips: These are the historical places of India, which you would not have known about!


If you want to know the history of India, then one should visit those historical places, which tell the story of the past. You also know about this beautiful heritage...

There are many historical sites in India, about which people either do not know at all or they have little knowledge. If you are also a traveler and love history, then these amazing historical places can give you a great experience. Let's learn about them

Undavalli caves, Andhra Pradesh

The spectacular rock-cut caves at Undavalli near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh are amazing. In this cave complex, there are layers in which you can see the influence of Buddhists, Jain, and Hindu, and this cave tells the story of the development of faith. This finest site is built in the 4th and 5th centuries. Among many beautiful and more than one sculpture, the idol of Vishnu is the center of attraction. Vishnu is shown lying in this 5-meter tall statue. He is shown lying on the Sheshnag made of granite stone.

Fort Mubarak, Bathinda Punjab

Located in Bathinda, Qila Mubarak was built by Raja Dub during 90–110 AD. The fort was built of mud bricks during the Kushan period, and today it still stands firmly for 1,900 years later. It is considered to be the oldest fort in India. This is also important because of another reason, and that reason is that Razia Sultan, the first and only female ruler of the Delhi Sultanate was imprisoned here in 1240 after losing the Sultanate to the King of Turkey. Today it is being looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

Maluti Temple, Jharkhand

A small town near Shikaripara in the jungles of Jharkhand, Maluti has 72 ancient temples of terracotta that have been singing their saga since pre-historic times. These exquisite temples are considered among the top 12 endangered cultural heritage sites. Their walls narrate the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata uniquely. These temples remind me of King Basanta who wanted to build temples instead of palaces. Their clan, too, was fascinated by the construction of pilgrimages, and they were so competitive that they were divided into four parts and as a result of the competition, a total of 108 temples were built.

Kalinjar Fort, Karnataka

Located atop an isolated rocky hill 1,203 feet above sea level, the ancient Kalinjar Fort is one of the eight forts built by the Chandel kings. Built as a residence for many dynasties that ruled Bundelkhand, this fort is a treasure house of many monuments and sculptures. Here, you will find an ancient Shiva temple, known as the Neelkanth Temple. The temple has a Shivalinga, above which water is continuously dripping through a natural water source. There is a Sita Sage, a small cave, which has a stone bed and a pillow. It is said that it was for saints and ascetics. This huge fort also has grand palaces and canopies finely designed and carved.

Bidar Fort, Karnataka

Located in the Deccan plateau, Bidar Fort is a Bahman monument, which was moved by Sultan Alauddin Bahman from his capital Gulbarga to Bidar. Built-in red laterite stone, and boasting Persian style architecture, this 15th-century fort has over 30 beautiful structures. If you wish to see incredible museums, colorful royal palaces, then you can visit this fort of Karnataka. One of the unique features of the Bidar Fort is the historic water supply system — the Karaj, a water harnessing technique that first came to Persia, and was brought to the Deccan by the Bahmani kings in the 15th century.

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