Travel Tips: The beauty of Kangra makes you crazy, you can visit these places


Whenever we plan to roam somewhere, many kinds of things go on in our minds. There is a lot going on in our minds about taking that place, going to the place, places to visit, food and lodging, budget, etc. But if you are going to Kangra located in Himachal Pradesh, then you do not need to think much about any of these things. Here you will find many such places, where you can go full fun. So let's know about these places.

Kangda Fort

If you must have visited Himachal Pradesh, then you will be well aware of the beauty here. There are many unique views of nature here. Here, you can also visit Kangra Fort. This fort is situated on a hill near the confluence of the Manjhi and Banganga rivers, from where the entire Kangra valley is visible. During the 1905 earthquake, this fort collapsed a lot, but a large number of tourists arrive here every year.

Jwala Ji temple

Here you can also visit the Jwala Ji temple, which is about 30 kilometers from Kangra. It is believed about this temple that when Lord Shiva was carrying a burnt body of Sati in his hands, then a part of the 51 parts which fell from this body had also fallen here. Therefore, the temple of Jwala Ji was built here. Here Jyoti of Mata Rani always burns.

Masroor Rock Cut Temple

You can also visit the Masroor Rock Cut Temple here. These temples are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Lord Rama. It is said that they are made by carving the same rock. You can reach here by taxi. Buses also ply to here, due to which you can reach here very easily.

Andrea Pottery Village

If your interest is in observing the civilization very closely, then you can visit Andrea Pottery Village. In 1920, Nora Richards, a noted artist, and environmentalist from Ireland settled the place for the sake of her art. Here you can see and know very closely the art of making pottery.