TRAVEL TIPS: Ramtek temple is built on a small hill! Click here to know about the interesting facts related to it


Ramtek Temple, located about 40 km from Nagpur, Maharashtra, is a unique temple of Lord Rama, there is a story about this temple that Lord Rama spent 4 months at this place with Mata Sita and Lord Lakshanam during exile.

A fair is organized around this temple on the special occasion of Rama Navami, in which people from far and wide come to attend, talking about its characteristics, this temple is made of stones only which are placed on top of each other.

Ramtek temple built on a small hill is also called Garh temple. It is also called Sindoor Giri. This temple looks less fort more. Ramtek temple was built by King Raghu Khole as a fort on the premises of the temple.

Ramtek is the place where Mahakavi Kalidas wrote Khakavya Meghdoot, hence this place is also called Ramgiri. Later it is called Ramtek. Today, this temple is one of the famous temples of Lord Rama.