Travel Tips: Nidivan Temple of Vrindavan is full of mysteries! 


The priests here believe that Lord Krishna comes to this temple every day for sleeping. Every day a bed is placed in the temple for the sleeping of God.

Everyone gets away from here in the evening, because there is a popular belief about this place that Lord Krishna comes here every night and creates Raas with the Gopis. Anyone who tries to see this Rasleela gets mad or dies.

Another miracle happens here. The Prasad of Makhan-Mishri is distributed daily in this temple. If the Prasad is left there, it is kept in the temple itself. But the remaining prasad ends by morning. It is said that Lord Krishna has it.

According to the philosophy of Krishna, this temple was revered by the saint Haridas of Tansen in the form of Radha-Krishna in his hymn. Here Krishna and Radha used to come to Vihara.

There are two special Tulsi plants in the temple premises, it is said that at night these plants become Radha's gopis and dance with them. Breaking of this basil leaf is especially prohibited.