TRAVEL TIPS : If you want to do paragliding, then these four places in India are the best


There are many such places in the world for people who are fond of traveling, where it is not possible for everyone to go. Every year people go to visit new places, but still someplace is missed. At the same time, people also have different hobbies of traveling. For example, some people like to go to the hill station and spend moments of relaxation, some people are interested in historical things, while some people like to go to places full of adventure. There is a lot of desire especially among the youth to do adventure, in which there is also paragliding. People want to do it and keep looking for places where it is easily available. If you are also fond of paragliding, then we are telling you the names of some such famous places located in India. Wherever you go you can enjoy it. So let's know about these places.

Bir Billing

This place located in Himachal Pradesh is everyone's favorite place. You can enjoy paragliding here. Here you have the facility to fly these three types, long, short, and medium. The best time to visit here is from October to June. Here operators are always with you.


You can enjoy paragliding in the Solang Valley of Manali located in Himachal Pradesh. During this, you can see the wonderful views of nature, the meadows, and the peaks of the Himalayas with your own eyes. You can visit here at any time except in the month of the monsoon. Every year a large number of people come here to do paragliding.


Paragliding at this place located in Meghalaya has its own unique fun. You can have a pleasant experience by looking at the snow-capped mountains, tall trees, and the land as seen from a good height. The best time to visit here is from September to April.


You can also do paragliding at this place located in Maharashtra. This place is quite the right place for both training and flying. Every year people reach here with their friends, their partner, and their family and return after enjoying a lot. Here you will get to see many spectacular views during paragliding.