TRAVEL TIPS : If you are going for a walk, then definitely follow these rules, otherwise both health and pocket may have a bad effect


People are very fond of traveling, no matter how busy people are, but they take out time to roam from their busy time. Not only this, there are many such places in India where apart from the people of the country, tourists from abroad also come to visit every year. At the same time, Indians also go abroad to visit. But due to the lockdown due to the Corona period, people were not able to go anywhere for a long time. At the same time, now unlock has started in India, due to which people are planning to roam again. From mountains to historical places, people are going for a walk with their friends, their partners, and their families. But you have to note one thing that if you are going anywhere, then you have to take special care of some things because if you do not take care of these rules then apart from your health, your pocket can also be affected. is. So let's know about them.

don't take off the mask

Due to Coronavirus, there are very strict rules not only in India but also abroad. In such a situation, if you are going to roam somewhere, then you should wear a mask because if you do not do this then you can have two disadvantages. First, not wearing a mask increases the risk of contracting the virus significantly and secondly, if you do not wear a mask, your challan can be cut, due to which you may have to pay a heavy fine. That's why a mask must be worn.

take care of social distance

Whenever you are going somewhere, you have to take full care of social distance. You have to avoid going to crowded places, shops, malls, places to visit can be very crowded. So you should keep a distance from these places in such a situation and if you go here then keep a proper distance.

follow the rules

If we talk about India, then there are different rules of corona in different states. For example, in Himachal Pradesh, shops are closed at 8 pm in most places and other places are also closed, Uttarakhand also has some similar rules, in many states strict rules of corona are applicable on Saturday-Sunday, etc. In such a situation, you have to follow these rules, otherwise, you may be fined.

take care of hygiene

If you are going out somewhere, then you should take full care of your hygiene. Get the hotel room properly sanitized, carry a sanitizer with you, wash your hands from time to time, it is necessary to take a bath, avoid touching the surrounding things unnecessarily, etc.