TRAVEL TIPS: If you are fond of reading a book, then you must visit these 5 best book cafes in Mumbai!


Book Cafe is a place that will be the favorite place of any book lover, although nowadays one will get to see book cafes in every city, if you go to Mumbai city then there is more than one book café.

Nearly 150 years old place on Mumbai's MG Road, known as 'Food for Thought', this place is very special for the lovers of books, it is a book cafe which is situated in the heart of the people. The journey of Food for Thought started from a book store named Kitabkhana

Leaping Window Avenue is surrounded by a collection of graphic novels and comics. Leaping Window was initially a simple online library for comic lovers, but now Leaping Window has become a great cafe.

Prithvi Cafe is a place in the city of dreams like Mumbai, which is a favorite for everyone.

'Title Waves' is a small cafe also known as Di Bella, it is the first boutique book store in Mumbai. If you have visited Mumbai, then you must visit the boutique bookstore.