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Our country India is a collection of many diversities, many different Gods and Goddesses are worshiped here and people of different religions live there. Only a few temples have been built in the whole world in the name of Brahma Dev, the oldest of which is the Brahma Temple of Pushkar.

One of the few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Pushkar Temple was built in the 14th century. It has a beautifully carved Chandi tortoise which is installed on marble floors with Chandi coins donated by various visitors.

Once Brahma Ji contemplated a yagna for the good of the devotees on earth, he sent one of his lotuses to the earth to choose the place of yagna, and the place where the lotus fell, Brahma Ji chose this place for the yagna. This is how Pushkar city of Rajasthan was made.

This temple is situated on the banks of Pushkar Lake and is one of the oldest temples of Brahma Dev. This temple attracts tourists and devotees every year.