TRAVEL TIPS: 100 years old sun temple is hidden among the hills of Almora! Click here to know about it


The direction of the Sun Temple of Almora is towards the east like every Sun Temple, so that you get to see the beauty of the rising sun.

The Katarmal Sun Temple was built in the 9th century, it was built by the Curie King Kataramala and since then it has been spreading its valor in this way.This temple is present at an altitude of 2116 meters above sea level, 19 kilometers from Almora city. is far

Apart from this temple, 44 other small shrines are built around it.It is also called Badaditya temple.The doors of the temple are made of wood.

It is considered best to go here at sunrise, because it is a very beautiful sight to be seen here only at sunrise, with the first rays of the sun, the light rises in this temple and the entire temple shines brightly.