Travel Guide: While visiting Pushkar city of Rajasthan, enjoy these dishes too


On hearing the name of roaming in Rajasthan, almost everyone first wants to go to Jaipur or Udaipur. Let us assume that this city is considered to be prominent in terms of destination but, apart from this, there are many places in Rajasthan which are very important from a travel point of view. Yes, I am talking about the city of Pushkar. Pushkar city is famous all over the world for many major tourist spots and fairs. By the way, people usually mention the fair held here, but forget what it is about to visit here. This city full of spiritual bliss and culture is no less in any city of Rajasthan. Today in this article we are going to tell you about Pushkar where you can roam and enjoy the main dishes here as well.

Mana Mahal

Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its artefacts and fort. Take the city of Jaipur and Udaipur where you will see many such palaces whose architecture is amazing. There is also a similar mind palace. Man Mahal is one of the most prominent sightseeing places of Pushkar. This palace is said to have been built for the royal residence of Man Singh. There are many temples and lakes around this palace which makes this palace special for tourists.

Pushkar Lake

Perhaps you know, if you do not know, then tell you that there are more than 50 ghats in this beautiful city of Rajasthan, Pushkar. It is said that a dip in the ghat here has a special significance, especially during the full moon evening. Pushkar Lake is considered one of the famous and popular tourist destinations for tourists. Where is it that any Hindu pilgrims who come here definitely take a dip in this lake? This lake is also considered to be one of the five holy lakes.

Bullion market

A roadside shop in Pushkar can make any tourist crazy, as Sarafa Bazaar is the most liked market in Pushkar. This bazaar is famous all over Rajasthan for the crafts, Rajasthani dress, colourful statues of deities and antiques. Where is it that for women, the finest and beautiful bangles made of stone are the best thing in this market?

Snake Mountain

You have already said that Pushkar has many lakes which are considered to be one of the most favourite places for tourists. Nag Mountains are also on the banks of a lake. If you want to go to a quiet place in Pushkar too, then you can go here. It is said about this mountain that Agastya Muni used to live here. It is also a mythological belief that Brahma's son Vatu was also a residence on this mountain. Almost the entire Pushkar city is visible from this mountain. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the five-day Camel Fair and Camel Safari here.

To eat in Pushkar

Along with roaming here, you can also enjoy local and foreign food. You can enjoy dal chaat, lassi, and dal baati churma in local food. Malpua is considered the most famous dish in Pushkar. Apart from these, do not forget to test Pushkar Thali and Special Pushkar Thali too. Here you will find Italian to Chinese dishes to eat as well. Where does one go about this place that this place is completely religious, so meat and alcohol are prohibited here?