Travel Guide: Weak hearts do not go here, Learn about the 10 most dangerous but beautiful tourist places


If you want to know about the world's most dangerous tourist places, then we are going to tell you about such places where you will be shocked.

If you are asked what adventure you have done in your vacation, what will be your answer? You may have tried an adventure sport, or gone to a place of bad weather with no preparation, or roamed in some unknown city at midnight. But do you know that some places were going to be an adventure in itself?

We are talking about such places which are different in themselves and to go here, you will have to take proper training and for some, you will also have to sign an agreement. So let's know about such places.

1 Danakil desert, Eritrea

In the African country, Eritrea is the Danakil Desert, whose temperature is always above 50 ° C. There are many active volcanoes here and the water here releases toxic gas. It is one of the most dangerous places in the world, but it is very beautiful to see and is always known as 'Hell on Earth' (hell on earth). Some adventure lovers go here, but keep in mind that a pre-organized tour will have to be taken to get here and the government of Eritrea will not let you go here without an experienced guide.

2 Mount Washington, USA

Now you must be wondering why we have named this place in this list, then let me tell you that the name of this place has a record of the fastest moving winds in the world. Yes, it winds here at a speed of 203 mph i.e. 327 kmph. The temperature here is -40 ° C. Many climbers and adventure enthusiasts visit here every year.

3 Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

This place may be very beautiful, but it can be very troublesome. The place has continuously erupted volcanoes in 2010,2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and the surrounding areas are covered by village-town lava. The volcano can erupt at any moment at this place and that is why it remains a favorite place for many adventure lovers.

4 Valley Of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

As the name suggests, this place is such that many people have lost their lives. Do not go to its beautiful plaintiffs. There is also a Valley of Geysers near this place from which toxic gas is continuously released and hence both plants and animals are killed here and people soon start to faint. It is forbidden to go here without permission and if you are a scientist only then you can go here.

5 Chernobyl, Ukraine

If you remember, this is the place with the biggest nuclear tragedy in the world. Even though this happened 34 years ago, the house and the entire city is still empty. No one can settle there for the next several decades in the situation that took place in Chernobyl, but this place has opened up for the tourist and after HBO's Chernobyl drama, there is a lot of tourist gathering here. But this place is still not free from danger and some areas have very high radiation.

6 Sant'Agata de 'Goti, Italy

First of all, if you see this place, it will feel as if you have come to a location of the Harry Potter series, but this place can prove to be as dangerous as it looks. It is situated atop a ditch and if you are afraid of elevation, do not think of going here.

7 Hanging Temple, China

This temple was built 1500 years ago and it is no less than a unique architecture. Even though you can see the wooden poles here, this place was built without pillars and they have been planted later so that this architecture is not damaged. This temple was built by piercing the mountain.

8 Meteora, Greece

It has been famous as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 and the place has been designed on top of a large stone in such a way that it looks very unique. Going here will be a different experience, but you have to work very hard to get here.

9 The Elephant Kingdom In Chonburi, Thailand)

Do not go in the name of this place. The Elephant Kingdom is not an Elephant but a form of crocodiles. The owner here charges a small raft space and the tourists are also very scared when they come here.

10 Chang Kong Cliff Road, China

As seen in the picture, this road to China is very dangerous indeed. It was built 700 years ago and is still used. Few people can muster the courage to go here and at the same time, you have to wear safety gear to go this way. However, some people do not take care of safety but inattention can also be a big problem here.

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