Travel Guide: The place where people offer water to the ghosts, know the unsolved secrets related to it


Gata Loops has a total of 21 curved circles, such as a hairpin. While this place is at the peak of 17 thousand feet high, this adds to the thrill.

Himachal Pradesh is famous worldwide for its beautiful valleys and valleys. People from abroad and abroad come to visit Himachal. The region of the mountains is not only a holiday point but also a honeymoon spot. Tourists visit Himachal Pradesh throughout the year. People here find themselves close to nature. However, there are many such thrilling and mysterious places on this earth, about which the spirit trembles.

One of these places is Gata Loops which is world-famous for its winding roads. Gata Loops has a total of 21 curved circles, such as a hairpin while this place is at the peak of 17 thousand feet, which adds to the thrill. The distance of each narrow range is 300 to 600 meters. The distance of both loops of the last is about one kilometre.

This route is not common, because many people do not go through this route, but instead adopt shortcuts while this winding path is favourable for trucks. It is said that snowfall in the winter season breaks contact with the Gata loops. This place has a temple dedicated to the demon. Let us know about it in detail-

According to an article in Times of India, it was 1999 when a truck broke down on the 19th loop. After this, the driver and the helper tried their best to fix it, but they did not succeed in it. Meanwhile, due to heavy snowfall, the road was closed. Even after waiting for a long time, no one got help, the driver thought of getting help from the nearby village.

During this time, Helper's health deteriorated. Because of this, the driver left for the village alone. While the helper's health deteriorated further due to hunger and thirst. When a few days later the driver reached the truck carrying the villagers, the helper was found dead. After this, people cremated helper at the same place and built a small house at that place.

It is said that the helper still lives on Gata Loops. Some people claim to have seen the helper. Even today, people pass through Gata Loops by offering water to him and essential items to the helper. However, some people say that they did not face any problem. Yes, there is a small house there and people keep a bottle of water as they pass from there.