Travel Guide: Make a Plan to visit Barrackpore during March


In the month of March, if you are planning to visit some better place at a low cost, then definitely reach Barrackpore.

The month of March is a holiday. In this month, many people plan to hang out with family or with friends. But, if you do not have a place to roam in a better place and spend less, then you also drop the plan to roam. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about one of the best places in East India where you can go for a walk with family and friends and that too at a very low cost. Yes, we are talking about Barrackpore in the northern part of Kolkata. During the British Empire, this city was mainly their center. Today, the city remains a major tourist destination for millions of domestic and foreign tourists. If you too are planning to spend less in March, then let's know about some of the best places here.

Bartholomews Cathedral

Being the first capital of the country and being the center of the British empire, many such buildings, palaces, and churches were built in West Bengal, which remains the main tourist destination for millions of native and foreign tourists. One of these major tourist places is Bartholomews Cathedral. Built-in 1847 by the British authorities, this church is famous as the Garrison Church. This place included among the most popular places to visit in Barrackpore and you must include it on a trip.

Mangal Pandey Park

If the most famous place in Barrackpore is mentioned, then the name of Mangal Pandey Park is included in that list. This park, built-in memory of Mangal Pandey, is a special place for foreign tourists from the country. A magnificent statue has also been constructed in this park in memory of Mangal Pandey. You can get a chance to see thousands of flowers here in this spring season. If you are a country lover and interested in history, then you must go here. In other historical places, you can also visit Gandhi Ghat for a walk.

Tarakeswar Temple

Almost every tourist would want to include a religious and holy place in every trip. If you also want to include some religious place in the trip, then you must include the Tarakeswar temple. This temple, built in the 18th century, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tarakeshwar Temple, equipped with grand architecture, is also a center of attraction for millions of tourists. Here you will always be seen worshiping Shiva devotees.

Laundry bay

Dhobi Ghat situated on the banks of river Hooghly is a prominent place for tourists. Earlier this place was used for washing clothes, but now clothes are not cleaned here. Because this place is now considered a tourist place in Barrackpore. Green trees and trees on the four sides of the ghat make this place an even more prominent place for tourists. Along with walking here, you can also enjoy delicious local food.

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