Travel Guide: If you have not visited these beautiful places of Madhya Pradesh, then do plan a visit


Interested in history and love to hear love story, then you must visit this place of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh is also known for its art and many ancient histories with natural beauty, perhaps that is why this state is also called the heart of India. There are many beautiful places here, which is no less than a paradise for tourists, but one thing is that very few people know about some of the best and anonymous places here. The name of this anonymous place is 'Mandu' (Mandava). In this city, you will also find valour stories, love stories and amazing artefacts. Come, know about some such beautiful destinations here, where you will feel very excited to roam.

Roopmati Mahal

Roopmati Mahal is the most prominent tourist destination of Mandu city situated on the Vindhyachal mountain range. The palace is still known throughout India for its stories of the immortal love of Queen Roopmati and Emperor Baz Bahadur. It is said that Roopmati was the daughter and singer of a farmer, who heard the sweet voice of King Baz Bahadur fell in love and later built the Roopmati Palace for him. It is also known as Roopmati's Pavilion.

Rewa Kund

Reva Kund located next to Roopmati Mahal is historical to Mandu in many ways. It is said that this reservoir was constructed to supply water to Roopmati Mahal. It is also believed that later, people from many villages used to carry water from this pond. The way this pool was built at that time, it was no less than a miracle at that time. Today it is a scenic spot.

Ship castle

In a way, you can also call Mandu city of Madhya Pradesh as a city of palaces, because here you will get to see one of the best and beautiful palaces. The Ship Palace is one of them. Ship Mahal is said to be situated between two artificial lakes. This palace was built by Sultan Gias-ud-din-Khilji in the 15th century. The architecture of the Jahaz Mahal is considered as an excellent example, which is visited by tourists from far and wide.

Carousel palace

Each palace located in the city of Mandu has its squad and historical significance. The Hindola Mahal is said to have been used as an audience hall or an open-air theatre. Today it is a major tourist spot in Mandu. The architecture of Hindola Mahal is very special from other palaces. This palace has been constructed with sandstone, which is built on sight.

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